The electromechanical works of the main sewage lifting station in Al-Atwa Village - Gharbia Governorate

A pumping station or lift station is a facility that includes pumps and equipment to move liquids from one place to another. It is used in various infrastructure systems such as water supply to channels, drainage of low-lying areas, sewage removal, and transportation to treatment sites

Implementation of a project to establish fiber optic cable pathways at the level of the Republic

The project to connect fiber optic cables is being implemented to enhance the efficiency of internet services. Additionally, projects are being carried out to improve the quality of communication services by providing mobile network stations and establishing new coverage stations for mobile phone services

The operation of providing and installing electrical tasks for the low and medium voltage grid within the North of the Lake district, under the Rashid-Edko engineering context, aims at meeting the expansion demands of the network and enhancing electric service quality in that region. This endeavor encompasses procuring and setting up the necessary electrical infrastructure for expanding the network while ensuring its secure and efficient coverage

The low voltage network, also known as the secondary network, is a part of the electrical power distribution system that carries electricity from distribution transformers to electricity meters for end customers. Secondary networks operate at a low voltage level, typically equal to the voltage of electrical appliances.

Maintenance, rehabilitation, supply and installation of electromechanical equipment for rehabilitating aerators at a sewage treatment plant in Port Said

The topics related to monitoring dissolved oxygen concentrations in wastewater treatment plants that researchers are currently working on are aimed at improving ventilation efficiency, reducing electricity consumption and investment costs, improving the quality of treated water, and reducing environmental pollution.LinkRewrite opyEdit Query



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